Santa Rosa Seafood


Whether you are a local or a visitor to the area looking for an awesome source of fresh fish, Santa Rosa Seafood is your spot. This family owned business offers a huge selection of both seafood and shellfish at competitive prices. You can get sushi grade fish, local crab and oysters, and a lot of specialty items when they are in season such as uni and mussels. Be sure to ask for a sample of the smoked salmon…. because once you taste that you’ll definitely want to take some home for later.

The owners recently opened a restaurant right next door serving the same fresh delicacies they sell in their shop. Both the store and the restaurant are open Wednesdays thru Sundays from 10am to 6pm. 707-570-9921

Don’t miss this spot if you are in the area….and it’s worth the drive if not!

The Emerald Cup

Whether or not you partake of California’s “other” crop you may soon find yourself enjoying some of the country’s best marijuana when you visit us here. Plans for all kinds of marijuana tourism are in the works here, but just so you can educate yourselves in advance here are the winners of this past weekend’s Emerald Cup which attracted over 30.000 people to Santa Rosa.

Held over two days at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds the event is the largest marijuana competitions. As the legalities fall into place you may soon have the option of being picked up by a limo in Santa Rosa for a tour. Stay tuned.

Hana Japanese Restaurant

I had been hearing about Hana for a long time…. and finally tried it recently. Set in a relatively nondescript shopping center, the decor once inside is welcoming with a large Sake bar area and nicely spaced tables as well as an active sushi bar. There were five of us at dinner and our waitress was warm and knowledgeable suggesting that we go “family style” and try lots of items. While not inexpensive this was definitely the way to go. The two items pictured here were standouts, the Happy Spoon had two different types of salmon roe, an oyster and was bathed in a little crème fraiche. It was a perfect blend of flavors and textures. The chefs mixed sashimi was the best I have had. A generous portion, enough for two, super fresh and absolutely yummy. Seeing several of our chef friends dining here too is always a good sign.

We had one vegetarian along for our dinner and she found plenty of tasty items to try. The cooked creamy salmon hand roll again with a dash of crème fraiche disappeared quickly and more were ordered.

All in all this was truly outstanding Sushi. Don’t miss it if you are in the area…..and even if it means a bit of a drive take the time to seek this restaurant out.

Sonoma Nesting


lf you find yourself near Guerneville do not miss visiting the Sonoma Nesting Company. This shop has a beautifully curated collection of Antiques, Reinvented Furniture, Art and other reloved and restored objects.antique_pine_armoire_in_perrywinkle_grey

Owned by two Guerneville locals the shop is one of our favorite spots. There is always something new, and beautiful, to tempt one. In addition to all kinds of eclectic treasures they also specialize in original artisan-painted furniture. Whether elegant, intricate, rustic, or refined – even fun and funky – their painted furniture is among the finest available.

You will always receive a friendly welcome from the owners Dax and Smitty and often from their dog as well. Its worth checking back frequently for new items.

Airstream Camping at Autocamp

So I’m not really a camper. But this is a whole different kind of camping. Airstreams have always fascinated me. They have a long history, dating back to 1929 when the Bowlus company first built the now familiar sausage shaped, silver aluminum Airstream trailer. The very first one was called the Clipper and was named after the first trans-Atlantic seaplane. Here is a link that will give you lots of fun facts about these iconic modes of transportation.

If you think you would enjoy actually experiencing what a stay in an Airstream would be like then Russian River is the spot for you. I recently spent two fun nights here in Guerneville and now I totally want to own one of these. Granted….the Airstream I stayed in was a slightly expanded version than those you still occasionally see plying the highways and byways of Sonoma County. Open only 6 months, these gleaming examples, created for Autocamp especially by the Airstream company, have all the amenities of a cozy upscale hotel room, but with lots more charm.

Clustered in a semicircle around a great fire pit, lawn with native grasses and still slightly immature landscaping, each gleaming beauty is outfitted with luxurious hotel bedding, linens and towels. My bed was super comfortable and the room so cozy I actually slept in, not the norm for me, and then found really good coffee waiting for me in the beautifully designed club house. It was chilly in the morning among the redwoods, but a fire was going and the chairs were comfy so it was a nice relaxing beginning to the day.

Here are lots of pictures I took during my stay which show you what the place is like better than I can in words. But there is one important thing I want to be sure to mention. This place is super dog friendly!!


Great Coffee Plus An Amazing View

img_8009Every now and then you come upon a cool little spot that makes you want to keep it all to yourself so that it does not get overrun. Unfortunatly the temptation to share is always too strong for me. I want others to enjoy the places I discover and Cafe Aquatica in Jenner is absolutely worthy a stop if you are craving a great cup of coffee or a light snack.

Only a few miles img_8011from Bodega Bay, Jenner is a tiny town with a population of around 136 people. Perched on a bluff above where the Russian River meets the sea, Jenner has beautiful views, amazing sunsets and world class birdwatching. Every spring the ocean waves and the rivers flow create a large sand spit at the mouth of the river Russian River Estuary home to pacific harbor seals, pelicans, ospreys and great blue herons. All of this is what you see while sitting and img_8010sipping your coffee at Cafe Aquatica.

Lake Sonoma Camping and Hiking

Every Sunday morning for years I would be at the “No Name Flat” trailhead at 8 o’ clock sharp (…everyone who knows me knows this means 8:10, at least) to meet up with friends and dogs for the weekly hike around the “Half a Canoe” loop.  The hike starts out at elevation with about a half mile approach until you reach the trail proper–at this point you are treated to a spectacular vista over the Warm Springs arm of Lake Sonoma and out West towards the ocean.  Turn right here for a gentle 3 mile descent to the lakeside.  If you have dogs under voice control there are a few good beachy spots where you can lob a tree limb out for them to fetch.


Now — after a couple hundred yards by the water — this is where the fun begins, a strenuous, steep 15-20 minute climb back up to the ridge.  There are shaded picnic tables close to the top which make for a good point to regroup and wait for stragglers, and then it’s an undulating meander along the ridge with more great views and back to the approach.

Depending on how vigorously you bust it out, the hike usually comes out at just under two hours. Avoiding the heat of the day start at 8:00 AM and you might reap the benefit of a gentle marine layer fog, but if you go out in the evening to be back by dark you’ll likely catch a spectacular sunset over the Coastal Range. Call the Ranger Station at the foot of the dam (707) 431-4533 if you want to snag a walk-in or boat-in camp site, or try the website (1-877-444-6777), for car camping or RV’s at Liberty Glen.


Another Perfect Day According To Me

IMG_7181A little side story… When I was young I contracted a very serious illness that stripped me from experiencing life as a normal teenager and left me not walking for years. I obviously felt miserable, limited, not free. Years later after many surgeries and feeling never the same, but a lot better, I promised myself a life full of adventures, travel, and as many perfect days as possible.IMG_7175

Well, this one goes down for the ages. It was a simple day involving me riding my vespa to Bodega Bay along the Pacific Coast Highway. The route spans miles of rugged beaches and sandy coves, some of the best in California.

Onward to the town of Marshall where the Hog Island Oyster Farm resides. It is here where I bought 2 dozen Sweet Water Oysters to go and found a peaceful, quiet cove where I built a tiny fire for an oyster barbecue. The rest is history and the pictures tell the best stories.

By: Tanya Gnida

Wine Country to the Rescue – July 16th

logoblackfireJoin us as we celebrate Geyserville Fire who has been protecting Wine Country for over 100 years.

Wine Country to the Rescue will be a must attend event of 2016. Set in the beautiful Dry Creek Valley at the base of Lake Sonoma Damn. Starting at 5pm just as the Summer heat begins to fade, and the cool evening breeze comes across the lake and down Dry Creek Valley. This will be a picture perfect evening. Food will be prepared under the watchful eyes of Northern Sonoma County firefighters who at times are more well known for their cooking than anything else. Dinner will be served between 6pm and 8pm. Branded will start playing at 6pm and will play up until the end of our evening at 10pm. When you are not enjoying the amazing food, the multitude of wines from area wineries or mingling with friends both old and new make sure you come by the silent auction tent and find something you like before 8:45pm. Please don’t be in the silent auction tent at 8pm, you will want to be in your seats or near the stage where State Senator Mike McGuire will lead our live auction. This will be a memorable event you want to miss. Tickets are $45.00 each. Don’t wait to buy tickets. Last year’s event sold out. Sponsorship tables are available.

Riding Geyser Road and Rockpile

I just returned from my first cycling excursion to California, which tied in nicely with the Tour of California stage at Santa Rosa. I am a nubie on the cycling front, celebrating my first year in June of riding, but in this short time I have found hill riding the most enjoyable and rewarding for losing weight russian river shadow(which is why I fell into cycling initially), and getting above a place to see it anew. When I first arrived to meet up with my friends Tanya and Deb, I met up with T (Tanya) at Locals Tasting Room in Geyserville. I was directed for my first ride toward Geyser Road and the climb that bears the same name. I was fresh off driving from Ashland, Oregon that day and this was my wake up.


It was breathtaking on both getting vertical, and seeing the valley below as well!


The next day it was Rockpile with some cycling Patty in a turnfriends of Tanya’s led by Patty Phillips. The ride was again, very vertical, wonderful in vistas seen and my senses, smells, sounds, temperature all waking me up and challenging me to pay attention. It was something truly amazing to see and experience. Wonderful roads, better than home, being Seattle. The scent of wine, or the blossoms, filled my senses. It haunts me today, in a very positive, lovingly held memory. I next did a ride out to the coast thanks to Tanya suggesting a route from Occidental out on Coleman Valley Road to Hwy 1 and then back using Bohemian Hwy for my return. One word for the ride, breathtaking! You get it all on this route, shade, grand tree style with Redwoods, then some climbing, following some of the Santa Rosa stage of the Tour of California and then opening up to a view of the ocean and Hwy 1. Simply some of the most stunning riding I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing in this short span of mine.lone rockpile treeHeadlands_Switchback

By: Harold Hollingsworth

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