Wild Flour Bread – Freestone Valley

Wild Flour Bread – Freestone Valley

Just 15 minutes from the Sonoma Coast nestled between the beautiful fields and barns of the Freestone Valley sits Wild Flour Bread. Founded in 1998, Wild Flour Bread uses a wood fired brick oven to produce a delicious array of baked goods that draws customers from miles around. The bakery produces over 900 loaves of bread daily along with hundreds of scones, and their baked goods are only sold onsite with any surplus breads being distributed to local food pantries. 

At 8 a.m. Friday-Monday, Wild Flour opens with a daily selection of up to seventeen different breads including classic hard crust breads, goat cheese flatbread, cheese fougasse, and fruity filled breads – such as the Bohemian with apricot, orange, and pecan or the Egyptian with pear, fig and candied ginger. The bakery also offers five types of whipping cream scones daily (in flavors like white chocolate, espresso, hazelnut, apricot, ginger, and double chocolate) one of which is vegan, two gluten free scones (one sweet and one savory), and coffee. 

The bakery building is airy and open with a quirky, old-school atmosphere added by rustic murals which cover the walls with color. Customers can watch as the bakers expertly knead fresh dough and shuffle warm loaves in and out of the brick oven. Outside the bakery, visitors can explore the beautiful garden filled with vegetables, fruit, and flowers planted to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

In response to Covid-19, Wild Flour is open for take out only during their normal winter hours: Fridays-Mondays from 8am-6pm. The bakery has created a socially distanced ordering window, pick-up window, and numbered waiting locations. The garden is currently closed to visitors. 

Directions: From HWY 101 in Santa Rosa take the Hwy 12 exit West to Sebastopol, continue straight on Hwy 12 thru Sebastopol toward Bodega Bay. About 5 miles further on you will go up a steep hill after which you will descend into a beautiful valley. At the bottom of the valley turn right on the Bohemian Hwy, the bakery is immediately on the left side.

140 Bohemian Highway Freestone CA, 95472

707-874-2938 https://www.facebook.com/WildFlourBread/

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