The Elephant In The Room

Sometimes a local spot is so great that the locals you talk to mostly ask you not tell too many people about it. They want to keep it as their own little secret. That said….we still want to share this one with you because it is a truly friendly watering hole owned by  Healdsburg’s own KC Mosso. If you want to listen to some of the best live music lineup around, then The Elephant in the Room is for you. Located in a nondescript parking lot at the south end of town, this spot has a great outdoor area and is both dog and cannabis friendly. All the bartenders are great and, although it is only a wine and beer spot, the changing selections are always on point. Sometimes there’s a food truck or pizza being made…or you can order food for delivery to the outside tables and just enjoy the music while you eat. Don’t miss this spot if you are visiting or spending any time in Healdsburg. Just don’t tell too many other people about it please 🙂 

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