Single Restaurant Decision – will it be Thread or Tree??

Single Restaurant Decision – will it be Thread or Tree??

There are two distinct restaurants in Healdsburg beginning with the word “Single.” They could not be at farther ends of the spectrum in style and in price.

Singletree Café is a longtime Healdsburg breakfast and lunch destination. Their scrambles and early bird $2.99 breakfast special are legendary among locals. Food is fresh and borders on gourmet for a diner. Go there anytime and you will see someone you know. It is definitely a locals destination with an endless coffee cup and a $5.99 burger special at lunch.

Because of the construction around the impending roundabout at the south entrance to downtown Healdsburg, Singletree has suffered mightily. The parking lot and signage and easily missed because of barricades so, as a local, we beseech you to drop in a tell them we sent you. Here is a recent posting on their facebook page that is both sad and delicious at the same time….crab benedict? We are there!

“To our wonderful customers they are digging up the streets to put the new water and sewer lines in. I know it’s difficult to navigate around us, but please don’t forget about us! This past month business was terrible! We need your help to keep our doors open! We look forward to seeing you. This weekend is Corned beef Hash, Fresh Crabmeat Benedict, our new Cuban Sandwich and our CHILI. Thank you for your support!”

If Singletree is your daily daytime chow hangout, SingleThread is your once-in-a-lifetime, post-bonus, impress-your-friends/date/in-laws celebratory splurge. To walk in the door, prepare to shell out $295 for the only thing they serve, an eleven course menu based on a Japanese approach where ingredients are elevated and presented with care.

SingleThread was two years in the making, with Chef Ryan Kavanaugh and family starting a five acre farm along the Russian River to support the restaurant operation. They now are SingleThread Farm, Restaurant and Inn so that you never have to leave the SingleThread universe when you happen to visit Healdsburg. Locals can’t really afford dinner at $295 before wine, tax and tip so you may not meet many there but walk around the Plaza after and see them at Duke’s having a mixology experience that will set them back $10. That leaves $285 to buy lunch and dinner for the rest of the week at El Farolito, Campofina, Chalkboard’s happy hour or any of the other local favorites…more later on those.

Written by Barbara Barrielle

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