El Milagro – Cloverdale

El Milagro – Cloverdale

For those of you who love good authentic Mexican food you are in luck. This new restaurant in Cloverdale has just that. El Milagro is a very welcome addition to the town. You can tell they make their own tortillas, which is always a great sign, and the food is innovative and tastes super fresh. Everything is cooked to order and the prices are very reasonable. The sauces are exceptional and the staff super friendly. Owned by two local families who have fulfilled their of dream of owning a restaurant you can sell that their pride of ownership shines through. Check out all the little silver Milagros charms on the wall, each one hand framed and mounted by the owners wives. Don’t miss this spot for lunch or dinner. Open daily.

485 South Cloverdale Blvd

Cloverdale, CA 707-894-6334

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