Craft Beer in the North Bay

Craft Beer in the North Bay

lagI recently returned from a great trip to Seattle to visit my son. I was amazed at the number of breweries there were there. Not being much of a beer drinker, breweries are not usually something I pay much attention to but my interest was piqued because of my son’s interest and knowledge about the different styles of beer. As with anything like this there was a lot to learn. I came back to Sonoma County slightly better educated about. I even learned that at one point Lagunitas was threatened with a lawsuit over their brewery’s trademarked “420” pale ale and they dropped the reference to 4/20.

If you are visiting Sonoma County there are many great breweries to explore. Its not just about the wine anymore. Close to us here in Geyserville is the Bear Republic Brewing Company. They are one of the originals on the North Bay craft beer scene. Most famous for Racer 5, my husband’s preferred beer, the Healdsburg location offers a surprisingly diverse selection of tasty beers.

Some other spots to check out are:

Mill Valley Beerworks –

St Florians Brewery –

Hop Monk Tavern –

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