Beyond Wine Tasting

When you come to wine country, you’re gonna taste a lot of wonderful wine and learn everything you might want to know about wine and grapes. But if you’re in the Russian River valley, don’t let the tastings blind you to so much else is there for you. Here’s just one idea:

Find a Swimming Hole

This isn’t about that one special swimming hole you just have to find. They’re everywhere! And the experience is always different. Is the river slow and lazy or is it spotted with rapids? Is the bottom one of boulders that are knee deep or do you take one step in and feel the smooth bottom drop away? Are clouds of swallows swooping from their nests under a bridge? Is your spot solitary and romantic or full of playful kids and their parents? Bracingly cold or so refreshingly cool?

The answer is yes.

That’s right. The Russian River is all of those and more. And you don’t need a secret map or tip from a local (although you can always get one) to find your spot on your day. Cloverdale, Guerneville, Geyserville, Healdsburg . . . you’re always minutes from the river. Backing up to a vineyard, tracking a road, pouring into the Pacifi or at the end of a dirt road or meandering through town. There it is! Explore! Swim, canoe, kayak, sunbathe, fish, dangle your feet in the water and let little fish nibble your toes. The river is there for you.

Now go taste that wine while the memory of the Russian River is with you. That’s an experience.

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