Bamboo Sourcery – Sebastopol

Bamboo Sourcery – Sebastopol

I have lived in this area for over 20 years now…but I had never visited Bamboo Sourcery before and turns out it is so worth seeing. Bamboo Sourcery is a unique bamboo-exclusive specialty nursery tucked among the forested hills near Sebastopol, California. They carry literally hundreds of bamboo varieties from all over the world and have beautiful and extensive demonstration gardens. You can wander through a forest of bamboo, picnic by a little pond and learn all about the over 300 varieties of Bamboo on this 8 acre nursery and farm. I learned that Bamboo makes a significant contribution to environmental health, releasing more oxygen into the air than any other plant, sequestering large amounts of carbon dioxide, and providing an excellent wildlife habitat. They enhance gardens by transforming them into sanctuaries of light, movement and space. Just visiting this hidden away place lends a feeing of quiet like being on another planet. You really should experience it for yourself.

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  1. I enjoyed our trip Carolyn! I learned a lot about bamboo myself, and had a wonderful time “Jurassic Parking” it on the rover ride with you and my big brother!

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