Airstream Camping at Autocamp

Airstream Camping at Autocamp

So I’m not really a camper. But this is a whole different kind of camping. Airstreams have always fascinated me. They have a long history, dating back to 1929 when the Bowlus company first built the now familiar sausage shaped, silver aluminum Airstream trailer. The very first one was called the Clipper and was named after the first trans-Atlantic seaplane. Here is a link that will give you lots of fun facts about these iconic modes of transportation.

If you think you would enjoy actually experiencing what a stay in an Airstream would be like then Russian River is the spot for you. I recently spent two fun nights here in Guerneville and now I totally want to own one of these. Granted….the Airstream I stayed in was a slightly expanded version than those you still occasionally see plying the highways and byways of Sonoma County. Open only 6 months, these gleaming examples, created for Autocamp especially by the Airstream company, have all the amenities of a cozy upscale hotel room, but with lots more charm.

Clustered in a semicircle around a great fire pit, lawn with native grasses and still slightly immature landscaping, each gleaming beauty is outfitted with luxurious hotel bedding, linens and towels. My bed was super comfortable and the room so cozy I actually slept in, not the norm for me, and then found really good coffee waiting for me in the beautifully designed club house. It was chilly in the morning among the redwoods, but a fire was going and the chairs were comfy so it was a nice relaxing beginning to the day.

Here are lots of pictures I took during my stay which show you what the place is like better than I can in words. But there is one important thing I want to be sure to mention. This place is super dog friendly!!

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